Block 94 Elevates to New Heights

East Texas Precast is starting one of the tallest above ground parking structures in the United States. Located on the 94th block in Downtown Houston we are starting our newest 1151 piece, 13.5 level structural precast garage. This garage was contracted to use by Hoar Construction, designed by Gensler, and was engineered by Walter P. Moore.

The 94th block in Houston is in the heart of downtown. This parking garage is surrounded by hotels, apartments and restaurants. It is located directly across Rusk Street from the historic Texaco building, which is now The Star Apartments. It should really serve a vital role in facilitating parking needs for the Downtown Community of Houston.

The 13.5 level garage will have a 252' x 120' footprint, and will be made out of a standard grey precast concrete with no sandblast finish to later be painted after the erection process is through. The erection process for this job will be no small task. As in all urban erection processes the limited space available in an already developed area of the city makes for tight spaces for our cranes to move and place the precast pieces into place. Despite this challenge the entire erection process is expected to take around 90 work days to reach substantial completion, and with minimum disruption to the surrounding downtown area.

And as always check back to for an article announcing the substantial completion of this job, and for more news on any of our other jobs.



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