Continuing With Methodist

East Texas Precast third job for the Houston Methodist hospital system started earlier last week. Last year we completed two parking garages for Houston Methodist hospitals in The Woodlands and Sugarland.

This time we've moved to the Willowbrook area located just off the intersection of I-249 and FM 1960. Here the Houston Methodist Hospital system is looking to increase its capacity, but with limited area available for expansion due to the surrounding commercial and office areas their only option is to build up. That is why they have decided to go with a precast parking garage to expand.

Contracted by E.E. Reed, designed by PGAL, engineered by Walker Parking Consultants and CEG we have now begun erection on a 5 story, 3 bay parking garage. This garage features 635 pieces of prefabricated concrete that when complete will proved approximately 700 parking spots for hospital employees and visitors.


We're incredibly excited to continue supporting the healthcare system for our Houston communities by supporting Houston Methodist, and can't wait to share the project once it's completed.



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