Here at East Texas Precast we are glad to announce that we have finished erecting a beautiful, white precast garage in the Woodlands for Houston Methodist Hospitals this weekend. East Texas Precast is happy to announce the substantial completion of the latest garage for the Houston Methodist hospital system. The latest garage accompanies an expansion to the current medical facility, located just off of I-45 at Highway 242.


Parking over 700 cars, the seven level structure, which uses white cement to provide colored concrete so that the structure does not need paint applied to its exterior.

The design of this garage also included two features to provide ease of access to hospital patients. First, the Houston Methodist system required that between the first and second levels, a large clearance height must be maintained. While typically, the clearance between the first two levels is about 8'6", this clearance level was 16'. due to this change, this level of the garage can be used to park mass transit vehicles for patients as well as medical vehicles to quickly unload large quantities of medical supplies.


Second, Houston Methodist needed to be ensure that clients who parked in the garage could remain covered from the garage to the building. To ensure this, they have designed a pedestrian bridge, that will run from the third story of the garage to the building. As you can see in the photo above, while the bridge is not in yet, the change in structural design at the second elevated level will allow this bridge to be easily installed in the future.

Again we would like to thank the wonderful design team on this project including Page, Cardno Haynes Whaley, and Vaughn Construction. Look for more information of our next two projects with Houston Methodist, located on their Sugarland and Willowbrook campuses.