Have you ever been in a parking structure where you could not find a parking spot, only to leave and find entire rows where no one has parked? This could be due to poor wayfinding or the ramping system used.

You should first consider whether you want one-way or two-way traffic in your ramping structure. Now in some circumstances this decision might be dictated by building footprint. If a building has a small, limited footprint available then you might be held to only using one-way traffic as you might not have the necessary space for a two-way system

Both one-way and two-way ramping systems have their advantages and disadvantages we encourage you to look at the below chart to see, which might be most beneficial to your parking structure.


Next you should consider using a type of wayfinding system. No matter how simple, any wayfinding system helps. Wayfinding systems help regulate your parking structure. Think of them as the road way signs of your parking garage, because that is essentially what they are. They keep the established and intended flow of your garage working, and they help your customer spend less time looking for parking. Even simple signage like the ones below helps point people in the right direction.


In addition, using tools like painted arrows on the ground can act as a further indicator on where to go. There are even automated parking systems that use electronic indicators and sensors to not only indicate where parking is located, but can also give you an indication of how much parking will be available in a certain area.

Smart Parking Solution

We hope that this has helped you learn the basics on why considering the appropriate wayfinding and ramping system for your parking structure can help optimize your investment. If you have any further questions feel free to contact any of us at East Texas Precast for more information.